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What Can You Do About DIAMOND PAINTING Right Now

An overwhelming selection of paints are now in the marketplace. Even though considering a white interior emulsion from a single manufacturer the options can be extremely confusing, with little guidance in a concise form Toile diamond painting on any website I could find. One such dilemma is the choice between Dulux Trade Matt Emulsion.

A quick look around will confirm your options:

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt (or as one customer called it, Vinly Slick)
Dulux Trade Supermatt
Dulux Trade Diamond Matt
Addititionally there is the non trade line but I’ll not work with those as this question would probably arise in the trades. So here goes:

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt: Is named so because it has plastics put into increase durability, especially when surface is wiped down and cleaned later on. Although it is not completely resistant, it will require a bit more abuse a non vinyl paint. Extremely good opacity.

Dulux Trade Supermatt: That is paint that has the brand new build in mind, or at the very least new plaster. This paint could be applied to plaster that is still drying. Reason being, there is no vinyl quality to this paint, no plastic so to speak. So that it remains more porous and the plaster can continue to breath beneath.

Dulux Trade Diamond Matt: The tough one of the bunch! Have kids and painting the hallway walls? This can be the one for you, advertised to be 10x tougher. I can believe it when I take advantage of it. You really feel just like you are painting on a layer of vinyl. Although credit to Dulux, it continues on well and you certainly wouldn’t normally know.

So here is a scenario to highlight the differences: You are doing a job and its a hallway, stairs and landing. The plasterers have just finished. The chippy has been in to hang all the doors, fit skirting board and architrave etc.

Firstly you paint all of the bare plaster (ceiling and walls), in Supermatt, mixed to a proportion of water. This would be more that 30% but not more than 50% depending mostly on preference. I’d say that over 30% is rather safe, as in it will soak in to the plaster rather than create a layer which will just peel off. Especially important to utilize the Supermatt where plaster have not quite dried, due to the porous qualities mentioned earlier. We are able to use Supermatt or Vinyl Matt going back two coats on the ceiling, some recommend your final coat of the Vinyl.

We then paint all of the walls with one coat of Vinyl Matt. This provide a great opacity and covers very well. A second coat where you want to finish with this paint.

The client has specified that she’s your dog and three children, they need the very best for his or her new home and are searching for durability, they dont desire to be calling you back again to touch up in 6 months because all of the walls in the immediate hallway are dirty and the paint is worn where it has been wiped down so mny times. So we apply Diamond Matt on both walls in the hallway and continue the up the stairs.

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