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How many types of IT jobs are there?

The significance of these data is that customers must stay convinced that their buying decisions were correct or repeat buys are very likely to stop. You, through the final step in the selling process – the follow up – can influence the satisfaction your clients derive from their purchases.

Consider among your clients whose purchases are poor during the it support Tonbridge and it support kent last year and are unlikely to increase considerably in the future. Also assume you have one tremendously profitable account whose purchases amount to almost 25% of their entire quantity of your business. What sort of service and follow-up should you supply to every single? Naturally the bigger, more profitable account would probably receive greater focus on your part.

For all customers, you need to analyse how extensive your followup should be. For most reports, an occasional email, letter or telephone call must suffice. For more active clients you may have to make in-house calls every week or so. Clients who have made or are more likely to make large purchases at some time in the future certainly deserve the best personal service you may supply.

Many salespeople are fond of quoting the Pareto Principle in regard to sales, stating that approximately 80% of their customers provide them with just about 20% of their overall sales volume in their territories. Conversely, about 80% of total sales volume comes from only 20% of their clients.

Your principal responsibility as a salesperson is to sell products or services . This needs to be your rule of thumb when servicing accounts. Your time is limited, but time spent with clients is often a investment in larger sales and prospective profits. Even reports that are semi-active or lacking potential might become high volume buyers if follow-up and service actions can improve their approaches toward you and your organization.

Follow-up activities vary substantially by product and industry. At one extreme, it’s not likely that a Scout selling raffle tickets house to house during his annual fundraising will create any followup calls during the year. On the flip side, a retail merchant purchasing household products for re-sale may require regular assistance in their supplier like inventory maintenance, product displays, and co-operative marketing programmes which may be a part of the followup. Even the Scout group will need to provide the prizes and ought to publish a list of winners.

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