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Bandhavgarh Wildlife Conservation (Madhya Pradesh)

Another of my favorite wildlife adventure trips has to be exploring the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal buried deep in the steamy jungle in Guatemala. With so many colourful birds and swinging howler monkeys in the tree canopies, this really was a memorable independent wildlife excursion. What’s more, climbing the pyramids provides a bird’s eye view of this keel Wildlife Travel billed Toucans and Aricaris. There are more than 40 unique types of Toucans with different colored beaks, if you see one that you normally see a few in succession. After hereI ate a stay termite since the guide told me it tasted of carrots and that I did not believe him but it was accurate!

Within an independent wildlife trip in Ubud, Bali, my travel partner was bitten with a very cheeky little fighter who really drew blood as he reached to get a yellow leaflet out of his rucksack which the fighter opts to get a banana. The white faced (capuchin) monkeys in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica might appear innocent, but are actually quite aggressive. As a consequence of daft tourists continuously feeding themthey take it on themselves to delve to the bags of unsuspecting visitors to steal their meals whilst they are swimming. You need to keep a sharp eye, as their skillful yet courageous little fingers can open locks and pliers!

1 independent wildlife excursion that I’m not likely to forget anytime soon has to be on a wildlife tour in Monteverde cloud forest reserve, Costa Rica. I was shocked when the guide placed his torch to some hole in the sand wall right near my head and out flew a bird; inside was a large fat hairy tarantula that’d just had its lunch interrupted. And boy did I scream!

If you do not mind these creepy crawlies, then there are a couple different places you may spot them. From the Pantanal, Brazil there were several dance tarantulas, and in Belize they’re large enough to spot crossing the street. In Cambodia they’re a delicacy and functioned as road side snacks during long journeys. Here you’ll discover local women carrying crispy and deep fried tarantulas at a bowl in their heads, with a real live one scurrying across their chests as an advertisement of what’s on offer.

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